Dear Reader:

I made this blog because of my own struggles as a budding golfer and a full-time mom. Before my husband and I were blessed with our precious little boy I used to wonder what’s the big deal?, why is it so challenging to have a successful career, in any field, and still find time for yourself and your family? After my son was born my tune quickly changed to now I know! The greatest joy I had ever experienced was also the greatest responsibility I had ever faced in my life and I was determined to live up to the challenge. Despite a complicated pregnancy I rolled up my sleeves six weeks after he was born and took him with me to go play golf. It was an adventurous twilight round of just 9 holes on a crisp, sunny fall day and worth every minute of it. Later on I realized that if I was going to make the combination of motherhood and golf work I was going to have to get a lot better about organizing my time. I would also have to turn much of my focus toward the quality of the time I spent on the course and not just the quantity. This blog is not a magic bullet that will suddenly make the special combination of golf and motherhood (by themselves these are hard!) instantly successful. Each person and each family is different. Rather it serves as a guideline for ways that it can be done, as a source of practical tips and advice, and as a place that moms who golf can find community, hope, and inspiration. Welcome!

Yours in spirit,

Jackie Berry