6 Habits That Will Take Your Game to the Next Level

Ever wonder why you’ve been playing golf and not getting much better? More than likely you’re the one holding your own self back. That may seem strange but the truth is, in life and in golf, human beings have a tendency to get in their own way. YOU CAN’T KEEP DOING THE SAME THINGS BUT EXPECTING DIFFERENT RESULTS. The bad news is your old habits aren’t going to get you there. The good news is, you don’t have to be a different person you just need to alter your approach a little bit. Here are 6 Habits that will keep you on track.

Consistency – The key to long term success is consistency. Deciding that this year you will get better by playing 72 holes a week, practicing for 10 hours, plus reading mental books in the evenings for the next six months, but then following through halfway will do more harm than good. Don’t bite off more than you can chew, you’ll end up beating yourself up. Pick a handful of things you will never miss (league night, Sunday foursome, range 2 days a week, etc.) and follow through 100% without fail.

Fearlessness – Afraid of messing up in front of others? So what, everyone else too. The bad news is its unavoidable, the good news is that no one remembers what you did after the round is over (or even by the next hole) because they are so focused on their own game. Relax because no one is paying that close attention and no one honestly cares that much.

Grace – Tougher to define; this is the ability to accept bad shots, bad rounds, bad weather, bad luck, etc. as part of golf (and life) without complaint and without blaming your game on all your external troubles. Welcome to Golf! There WILL BE some bad breaks so get used to it and let them go quickly and graciously.

Temperance – Whose the better golfer; the guy that bombs it 300 but ends up in the woods half the time or the guy that hits it 220 and usually ends up in or near the fairway? You guessed it, the second guy. You can’t play a ball you can’t find and every lost ball will cost you 2 strokes. Play at a level that you can control most of the time. Showing off isn’t helping your score.

Discipline – Work on things that will have the most impact on your game. Trying to get longer off the tee doesn’t help if every time you get near the green it takes you 4 or more strokes to get in the hole. Have the discipline to practice those areas that are really holding back your score, no matter how boring. Maybe you just need more tournament experience; don’t be afraid to grow.

Not everyone can afford a coach who can, objectively, from the outside looking in, tell us what we need to be working on, how much to do and when. We can all afford to be realistic about our abilities and not have unreasonable expectations. Get your ego out of the equation and I GUARANTEE you will instantly become a better golfer.♣


Photo: Matthew Photography / 123rf