Top 5 Best Holiday Gifts for Golfermoms

Don’t know what to get the golfermom in your life? It’s not to late to find a few things that might float her boat. Try these ideas on for size:

Spa Pedicure

After months of tromping about on the golf course her feet have probably had it! They may or may not be perpetually locked up in winter boots for now but they deserve a respite! Sign her up for a thirty minute pedicure, complete with hot towel wrap and massage. The treatment will be more than just good for her feet; it will be good for her soul.

A New Golf Bag

Maybe women’ do love bags but even if they don’t nothing helps the spirits more than having new equipment to look forward to using when the season breaks. A new golf bag may be just the ticket; it’s more affordable than a new driver and it should last for years to come.

Coupons for a Several Rounds of Babysitting

We all love being with our kids but being able to play golf for oneself and know they are in good hands is priceless. Offer to take the kids for a few rounds when the season starts again.

Fitness DVD

If you can give them the gift of postpartum fitness (without their taking offense) then do so. Everyone’s body changes during pregnancy and after they have a baby. It’s not about being fat or thin but about those all-important core muscles that are so crucial to the golf swing. They are literally stretched out and often have to be coaxed back to their previous level of tone and fitness.

Golf Lessons

Many women are not able to get out to the course (or don’t make time) once their children are born, and when they do they may be discouraged at how much their game has suffered while they have taken time off to enjoy being a Mom. Giving them a set of free lessons will (1) get them back out there, and (2) help their game get back on track.