5 Special Games for Kids on the Golf Course

Whether your kids are serious about golf or just causally play with you from time to time, more than likely there will be times on a golf course when they need to be entertained with something other than golf. Even 9 holes can be long for a little one so it’s good to give them other games. Next time you’re on the course with a bored little one try these!

Mary Poppins

Needed: One Adult, One Golf Umbrella, and One or more silly child

How to Play: Have your child open your golf umbrella all the way and run down the fairway with it. They’ll get a slight “lift” with every step and it will have them laughing all the way!

Improves: Fun factor, your kid(s) will have a blast romping up and down the fairway

2-Putt Tickle-fest

Needed: One silly child, one not-so-serious adult, a child’s putter, an extra ball (neon pink or orange preferably)

How to Play: Throw a ball on the green not too far, but not too close to the hole onto the green. Tell your boy or girl that if they make it into the hole in two putts you’ll tickle them on the spot. (Or you can wait until the two of you get back in the cart if there are people waiting behind you). You’d be amazed at how much better a child will put when he or she gets such an immediate and delightful reward.

Improves: Fun factor, Putting

Flag Patrol

Needed: One child large enough to pick the flag stick up out of the hole, One adult who really wants to make the putt.

How to Play: Kids love marching around with the flag stick, let them pull it out of the hole and be in charge of it while everyone putts out.

Improves: Course Etiquette (explain where they can place the flag), Your ability to focus on putts.

Treasure Hunt

Needed: One or more children who likes finding things

How to Play: While walking through the fairway have your child or children go “treasure hunting” for lost golf balls on the edges of the trees. It’s like Easter egg hunting and they are so proud when they find one. This is best done if they have on long pants or jeans and maybe even long sleeves in case they venture a ways into the woods.

Improves: Your stock of golf balls! Plus your kid gets practice at finding lost balls.

Ready, Aim, Fire!

Needed: One golf cart with an attentive adult driver, One or more children who can hit the ball 5+ yards

How to Play:  Give your child a ball and a club and then drive the golf cart a reasonable distance ahead. Have your kid aim at and try to hit the golf cart and keep your eye on the ball; Don’t park directly in front of them (obviously) but they’ll get a kick out of aiming at Mommy or Daddy!

Improves: Aim, Estimating distance control.

With these fun games your child is sure to always look forward to a trip to the golf course whether to play or just enjoy some family fun!


Photo: len44ik / 123RF Stock Photo