In Christina’s books, More Pars = More Fun!

Christina Ricci, who is also known as Miss Par, and is the author of a series of books that help ladies’ to improve their golf game.

Christina Ricci’s brand draws an impressive audience set in motion by her top-selling title, A Girl’s On-Course Survival Guide to Golf which details how she rapidly became a five-handicap in just five years after taking up the game. Christina’s story and passion for the game resonate with women. Through her books and other products tailored for the female golfer, she provides a unique perspective and a motivating force for golf enthusiasts of all levels.

She is a strong advocate for growing the game, educating women on the importance of Professional Golf Instruction, and other topics related to player development. Her focus for 2013 and beyond is growing the brand beyond the bookshelves with new and creative products that keep the game fun for more pars.

You can find her, and learn more about her books, at