7 Ways to Survive August Boredom

August Sucks.

It’s the month that contains the most golf tournaments for me, the fewest child-care options, and is the hottest and most uncomfortable in which to play golf. (Yes, I’ll take some cheese with that whine. Brie, please?)

Every year I muddle through using up all my spare personal cash for babysitters and spare goodwill with friends and family (my hubby taking the brunt of it) trying to fit it all in and enjoy the last few weeks of summer with my kid. This year is worse because I lost w-e weeks in the prime of the season moving to a new house and back to school this year which means all new school, friends, and teacher for my son. Topping it off are three personal requests for my presence in tournaments through October.

Here are some rules I developed for myself to keep my sanity and my golf game alive whilst the rest of life also requires my full attention.

Save the Date. (Date with your golf, that is). BAD NEWS: Golf is selfish. GOOD NEWS: Most places are warm enough to play in well into November. If you lose every day from mid August until labor Day you’ll still have 12 full weeks to work on your game before Thanksgiving. 3 months is plenty of time to improve.

Bring Them. Some kids are better suited to this than others, but if you can bring them with you to play and practice they will have a jump on all the other kids in the junior program.

Shorter Time Chunks. A four-and-a-half hour round of golf is simply not going to fly when you have a house full of bored kids and no summer camp. However, if you can sneak to the range for an hour while daddy is in charge then do so. Often times shorter practice sessions are better than longer ones’ because with limited time you’re forced to focus better.

Switch Days with another Mom. You take both her kids one day and she takes both yours the next. Having someone to play with them might make your home time easier and the next day you’re fancy free!!

Read the Golf Books sitting on the Shelf. That book on putting and the one you have on the mental game? NOW is the time to get on that.

Keep a Wedge in the House. Grab and it make a few practice swings when golf feels really far away.

DOUBLE DOWN!! When you do have a day don’t take ti easy but make the most of it. Play 18 instead of 9 or play 36 instead of 18. Hit the range right afterwards to fix any quirks you noticed while playing. 8-10 hours on the course will make you feel great not to mention how your game will appreciate it.