Pace of Play is a “trending” topic now in golf

The USGA launched an investigation into the source of sand found that the overwhelming majority of golfers experienced and were annoyed by it and said that it impacted their rounds. They have since launched a campaign called “

while we’re young”, a line from a scene in the movie Caddy Shack, to improve this pervasive problem. This is a perennial problem both in leagues and in normal Sunday rounds. You don’t want to be a perpetrator so here are a few tips to make sure that you and your group are keeping up with the pace of play.

  1. Don’t put your club away after taking your shot. Change it out the next time you are about to take your shot. Always have a club or two in your hand and an extra ball in your pocket if your ball is possibly lost.
  2. Convince your league to allow out-of-bounds and lost balls to be played as a drop with a 2 stroke penalty so people don’t have to drive all the way back to the tee to play another shot. If you do hit a ball that you’re not sure about play a provisional before you go and look for it.
  3. Once you’re near the green take a handful of possible clubs and your putter and walk up the green. Have the driver of the golf park in back of the green ready to go to the next hole.
  4. Line up your putt while you’re waiting for others to take their turn.
  5. Think about what club you will play as you approach your ball. Listen to this blogcast: Short Game Part I. You can walk up to the green already knowing what club you will play and what shot you will hit.
  6. Do the same thing over top of every shot. The more comfortable you are with your routine the faster you will execute it.
  7. Play “ready golf” whenever possible. If someone is still thinking about their shot, ask if you can take yours while waiting.

More often than not people aren’t trying to be annoying or slow they just don’t think about the little things they can do to pick up the pace. Politely make suggestions and they will be much obliged!♣

Photo: koontuch / 123rf