Mother’s Day is Almost Here!

Mother’s Day is upon us! If you’re like me you feel so blessed to have family and loved ones with you all year round! Mother’s Day is a time to cherish your mom if you are blessed to have her in your life and also to cherish your children if you are lucky enough to have those as well.

Mother’s day is also about taking care of yourself and doing those things that you WANT to do. Sure, you may have to do some things that feel more like duty such as going with your husband and children to visit your mother-in-law, but make sure you take the time to treat yourself. Whether it’s a lavish breakfast at your favorite buffet followed by a pedicure and a massage and then an afternoon with the kids, or just a quiet bath that evening, this day is for you and not just in name only.

My preference is to play golf on Mother’s Day. Some of my best rounds have come on those chilly May mornings followed by a special brunch offered by the golf course. It could also be a perfect day for you and several other moms who also like to play golf to get out there and play all day if you want. There are no rules. There is no set pattern.


Happy Mother’s Day and Congratulations to ALL Mothers!

photo: goodluz / 123rf stock photo