1.      Social play has its own benefits.

A time for camaraderie, distraction, chatting and socializing in general. Let’s be honest as well. It’s nice to see others top one off the tee too! Furthermore, moms tend to spend too much time holed up dealing with the rigors of the daily routine. Get out there!

2.      Most golf leagues only play 9 holes.

Some days that’s all you have the time or energy for. Moms are tired and pressed for time a lot but this goes for everyone, not just moms. The real world takes over but you don’t want to drop your one outing for the week.

3.      Reduced rates.

Leagues generally offer cheaper greens fees than if you were to walk on the course by yourself or with other with a regular tee time.

4.      Networking.

More than likely, anyone you play with will have similar business, family, and work interests as yourself. This is a good way to meet others of similar mind and make important connections and work relationships.

5.      An excuse to visit the 19th hole.

It’s a lot easier to explain to your spouse that you stayed for a burger or a beer if you were with a bunch of people who were all doing the same thing. Sometimes mommies need time away also.

6.      Friendship.

You will actually grow close to some of those you play with every week. This will expand your friendship and social circle and give you more social outlets. Not everyone will be mommies but you will all have the common (and strong) bond of golf.

7.      You’ll actually get out there and play.

Just like meeting with a buddy to exercise and take walks or go to the gym, you are far more likely to get your 9 or 18 holes in if there are people waiting for you to join them!