I want to play golf well so bad I can taste it.

Let me describe how bad I want it and what that means…

I want to play golf well so badly that I have considered dropping everything else and to work on becoming a professional golfer full time. This is such a crazy goal because I didn’t even start playing golf until I was already a grown up, married, and soon to be a mom.

I want it so bad that I am invested in every shot, in every chip, in everything on the course. The problem is that I want it SOOOO bad that I often get in my own way. To the point where sometimes I am so nervous over each and every shot that I won’t do well and I tense up and ruin the shot.

You know those impossible shots from the opposite fairway, over some trees, to a flag you can’t even see? I nail those. Put me in that situation any day of the week and I am surgical with whatever iron I am holding in my hands. Surgical I tell you.

You know those shots where you have hit a perfect drive and have a nice little 8-iron into an accepting green? I blow those. Put me in that situation any day I am a complete oaf.

Ever go in to an interview for a job you don’t really want? You get the call for the offer THAT DAY, or the next day at the latest. But go to interview for a job you really want and what happens? Unless you’re well-armed with a bullet-proof resume and don’t need to sell yourself too much it could be flub city. Been there done that, it’s the same thing in golf.


I need to treat everything the way I treat flowers. I like looking and flowers in the spring time. Especially when they smell so good – there is nothing like walking through a garden and having those fresh scents wafting up to your nose as you stroll along filled with hope. Most flowers have a short life cycle and are only in bloom for at most 4 weeks. Because flowers stay in bloom for such a short period of time I don’t get overly attached to them. I love looking at them but why get attached to enjoying them and having them there when their presence is so short lived?

The reality is that life is that way. EVRYTHING IS TRNASIENT. Nothing is permanent. How fast your kids grow, how things constantly evolve between you and your partner, watching your parents grow old, and how your perspective can change so much over the years,.

I don’t treat golf like I treat flowers and that’s my problem. Every shot is a make or break for me. Every shot determines my future. Every shot means the absolute world because it indicates how close I am to reaching my goals.

There is no next year

I am overly attached to the outcome of each shot rather than remembering the process of golf. It’s about enjoying the journey because there are many stops along the way. The reality is NO ONE SHOT means that much. There IS another shot, There IS another year, and NEVER giving up is the way golf should be played.♣