Maximize your ROI

The game of golf requires an incredible amount of time and patience. A typical 18 hole round takes about 4 and a half hours to complete, time which does not include travel, warm up or stopping to eat lunch. What is even more amazing about the amount of time spent is that over the course of your round you only actually swing the club for a total of about 2 minutes! This means that actually making the strokes that will cokunt toward your round, including the pre-shot routine, comprise about 1% of total time spent on the course. Even more amazing is that these figures are for normal rounds of golf, tournament rounds can take upwards of 5+ hours and are generally associated with more travel time and practice time on the range. With this kind of a time investment it is crucial to make choices that will maximize this the most.

Be wise about what tournaments you choose

I play in a women’s golf league that sponsors Tournaments every week from May until August. I have made this golf league the set point for my weekly schedule during the season. It rotates around to a different course each week, so I feel almost as though I am playing on a mini-tour, and is also very inexpensive (only $45 gains entry into the tournament, and covers greens fees, a cart, continental breakfast, and lunch), and the format is stroke play. I recently received an invitation to play in a tournament at very posh course nearby. Some of the county’s best amateurs were expected to be there and the better ball format could make scoring easier than normal if I chose my partner properly. I had to decline, however, with it in the middle of the week I would need to hire child care or impose on relatives, pay the somewhat steep entry fee, and shift my normal schedule. It would simply not be worth the time and money. This is common as other nearby tournaments often cost a lot more to enter and have a different format, e.g. a scramble, which doesn’t force me to focus on all aspects of my game in the same way. Also, it has enabled me regular experience at playing under tournament style pressure because both your playing partners and the course change every week and awards are given to people who score well; so it is important to me to prioritize this in my schedule. When you must make sacrifices it is important that your ROI (return on investment) is worth it. What thing can you do every week or every day that will make the most impact on your game?

Get a membership at a local golf club

If you can find a reasonably priced membership by all means do so. Let us suppose, for example, that you play 3 times per week at $35 to walk 18 holes at a nearby course. Just the cost of these weekly rounds will total around $472 per month, not including carts, or the amount of a monthly car payment! A membership of $1500 per year, however, will cost a grand total of only $187 per month for April through Nov, (even less if you live where you can play year-round), and will give you almost unlimited play.

Compartmentalize your personal life

I can say from personal experience that I have blown more than one round because of a tiff with my hubby as I was walking out the door that morning or because of an annoying conversation with my best friend the night before. Don’t take your personal life home! (And likewise don’t take frustrations from your round home with you). The mental side of golf is huge as we all know. However, **Champions have the ability to separate what’s happening on the course from what is happening in their personal lives as much as possible.

Have fun!

We are playing this game because we enjoy it, getting paid to do so is even more of a blessing. Scowling and being grumpy for four and a half hours because you are not playing as you expected hurts no one but yourself. Learn to take something out of every round, even those where you can’t seem to do anything right. Remember: Your family will love you no matter what!♣